In his early teens, Alex started making cartoons in Macromedia Flash 8, where he got his first taste of scripting. This progressed into learning web and mobile app development. Now, he's diving into the world of networking and security. Alex has certifications from Comptia, IBM, Fortinet and Microfocus. He hopes to get his CCNA from Cisco later this year. In his free time Alex enjoys painting, making 3d models in Blender, and sometimes likes to relax and not think about anything at all.
Cyber Security

5 Risky Cyber Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making—and How to Fix Them

Are you being safe when using company technology? Do you know how much damage you could be doing by not using proper safety techniques? From incorrectly setting up wireless routers, to opening shady emails, this article will teach you the most common mistakes people make that can greatly jeopardize your security.