Business WiFi Users
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Business WiFi: What You Need to Know to Get Up and Running

Getting the right business WiFi network up and running is important to both your employees and your customers. Here’s what you need to know about WiFi setup and when to hire outside service professionals.

Hospitality Industry Tech Needs
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Hyper Networks to the Hospitality Industry: We Get You

Based in Las Vegas and with several large hospitality customers, Hyper Networks has seen it all. From remote location connectivity to large acquisition issues, we understand your pain and we are here to help.

Small Business Tech Solutions
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Small Business Tech Guide: How to Get the Solution You Need in 7 Steps

Technology is critical for all businesses, but it can be especially challenging for small to medium-size businesses to know where to start. From hiring the wrong person to buying inadequate hardware and software, early mistakes can cost you big down the road. Hyper Networks has designed this guide to help you get a handle on the basic IT and cybersecurity needs of your business.