Hyper Can Help with Incident Response
Cyber Security | Hyper Networks

You Need an Incident Response Plan. Hyper Can Help.

An incident response plan helps you mitigate risk and prepare for a wide range of events that can threaten your network. Here are answers to common questions about this key aspect of business network security.

Data Center Relocation
Hyper Networks | Managed Services

The Big Move: How to Prepare for Your Data Center Relocation

Data center relocation is a high-stakes undertaking. Whether you’re moving a single server or a building full of hardware, do it right and protect your business with these tips from Hyper Networks. 

Are you paying too much?
Business Internet | Hyper Networks

Are You Paying Too Much for Business Internet? How to Negotiate a Lower Price 

Paying too much for your business internet service can eat into your bottom line. Here’s how to think like a pro and negotiate a lower price for the service you need.

Cyber Security Consultant
Cyber Security | Hyper Networks

How to Hire the Right IT Security Consultant: 5 Things to Look For

Do you know your cyber security vulnerabilities and how to fix them? If not, it may be time to consider a security consultant. Here are five things to look for in an information security consultant for your business.

Business WiFi Users
Hyper Networks | Managed Services

Business WiFi: What You Need to Know to Get Up and Running

Getting the right business WiFi network up and running is important to both your employees and your customers. Here’s what you need to know about WiFi setup and when to hire outside service professionals.

server room network assessment
Cyber Security | Hyper Networks

What Is a Network Security Assessment and Why Does My Business Need One?

A network security assessment is an analysis of your network security measures to identify potential vulnerabilities in the system. Here’s why you need one and what‘s involved.

ces lg tunnel trade show internet
Expo Services | Hyper Networks

Trade Show Internet: 4 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

You are coming to Vegas to showcase your products and services! And, you’ve worked hard to make this trade show your best ever. Don’t let your internet get you down. Security engineer Chad Oslund shares his expert solutions to the four most common mistakes in trade show internet.

what is cdn
Hyper Networks | Managed Services

What Is a CDN and How Can It Benefit Your Business? 

Web content traveling from greater distances takes longer to get to its destination. That’s where CDNs, or content delivery networks, come in. Here are answers to questions you may have about CDNs and how they can benefit your business.