Network Solutions Architect

“Design an enterprise-level network to support 50,000 users, provide dedicated internet access for hundreds of exhibitors, and a special network for those involved in event administration. Before that network is even torn down three days later, you’ll be designing another one!” This is the kind of exciting work that awaits you when you’ve joined our […]

Desktop IT Technician

Look forward to coming to work every day! Enrich your career in IT by joining the Hyper Networks team as a desktop IT Technician in support of our MSP offerings. In this role, you’ll install, maintain, and configure computer, network, and software systems and engage with and educate customers. To be successful, you must have […]

Service Coordinator

Your passion for managing the delivery of services and enabling happy customers is exactly what we’re looking for in this role! A service coordinator at this level is responsible for assuring the successful completion and delivery of the products and services we sell. You’ll take the lead in identifying requirements, assessing needed resources, building a […]