You’re ready to get people back to business. Back to the office. Back to the store. Back to entertainment venues and restaurants. But how can you reopen safely and efficiently—without disrupting the normal flow of operations too much?

Fortunately, there’s a way to enable safer in-person interactions and reduce your liability while at the same time making the user experience fast, friendly, and feasible. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hyper Technologies’ Health Sentry smart kiosk solution.

What is Health Sentry?

The Hyper Technologies Health Sentry is a non-invasive smart kiosk that scans body temperature, verifies face masks, dispenses hand-sanitizer, and provides access controls. Hyper has teamed up with Popshap to distribute this simple, customizable solution for keeping social spaces safe.

Health screenings make everyone more comfortable.

Coronavirus reopen plans can be tricky. That’s because social-distance floor markings and hand sanitizer can only go so far to protect and reassure your customers and employees. There’s always the guy who refuses to do the one-way thing at the grocery store. Or the neighbor who can’t resist coming in for a hug.

But even the most vigilant hand-washers may not realize they have symptoms that could put others at risk. With a quick entry-point scan from the smart kiosk, you can help ensure a safer, healthier space for everyone, now and in the future.

How does the Health Sentry smart kiosk work?

The Hyper Technologies Health Sentry is a standalone, self-contained, intelligently-networked solution that detects individuals who may elevate the health risk in a social space. Health Sentry provides real-time feedback and access control based on the data it gathers. Access control is one measure you can take to ensure you reopen safely. 

For example, when you walk up to the Health Sentry kiosk, it’ll scan for elevated body temperature (a fever) and detect whether you’re wearing a mask. If the required conditions are met, you’ll receive an approved access item, like a wrist band, sticker badge, QR code, or other media. Voila! You can go about your business knowing everyone else in the space has been screened, too. You set the conditions; it’s completely customizable.


                  Hyper Healy Sentry pedestal

Any business can benefit from a smart kiosk solution.

Hyper Networks is uniquely aware of the needs of the hospitality, expo, and gaming industries, so we naturally see the Health Sentry as a fit there. After all, these industries rely on safe, shared spaces to best serve their customers. It just isn’t feasible (or fun) to play at the craps table, for example, six feet from every other patron in the venue.

But the reality is, applications for Health Sentry smart kiosks are many and varied. Anyone looking to reopen safely—from schools to offices, apartment buildings to malls—can benefit from the convenience of simple health screening technology. Creating a new normal requires a shared commitment to making all of our spaces safer.

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Why choose Hyper? 

Hyper Technologies is the preferred Las Vegas area distributor and integrator for Popshap, a leader in providing digital touch solutions and self-service kiosks for retail and other industries. 

We’ve got the experience and expertise to make Health Sentry a true turnkey solution—without adding to your IT department’s burden. In other words, we can have your kiosks up and running within minutes. What’s more, we’ll handle any updates, upgrades, analysis, reporting, and integrations going forward.

Call 1-888-Hyper-11 (1-888-6655), or email healthsentry@hypertechnologies.com. We’ll help you get back to business. 



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