You create a budget for your business internet costs. You find a carrier and a contract you can live with. As the years go by, do you just keep paying the bills, no questions asked? Unfortunately, that approach may be costing you. After all, technology changes quickly and prices and offerings fluctuate. If you’re not quite ready to hire a business internet broker, here’s how to go it alone and negotiate a lower price on the services your business needs. 

Call the carrier directly.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many of our clients assume their service contracts are set in stone. True, you might not be able to get completely out of your agreement. But if you are even one year into a three-year contract, for example, the carrier might still be willing to negotiate to stay competitive. You never know unless you ask.

In addition, if you’re experiencing hardship or other special circumstances, the carrier might work with you once you’ve explained your situation. Also pay attention to special rates offered by the carrier from time to time. Right now, for example, various carriers are offering discounts to customers affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Keep in mind that when you are negotiating with a single carrier, you can’t leverage offers from other carriers. 

Keep track of your renewal date.

Set a reminder on your phone, whatever you have to do, but be sure you know when your contract is set to renew. If you aren’t careful, your contracts will auto-renew (with no reminder). You can end up getting stuck with your same service for another three years. What’s more, most business internet contracts require 60 to 90 days’ notice for cancellation. Contract end-dates are a great time to re-evaluate your services and negotiate for better terms. 

Pro tip: For companies with hundreds and even thousands of contracts, renewals and service negotiations can be quite a bear to manage. If that’s you, consider a managed services provider like Hyper Networks that can step in and consolidate all your bills into one. 

Renegotiate when you add upgrades or new sites. 

If you’re considering new services or adding a new site to your business, it’s a great time to negotiate a lower rate. If your business is adding services, carriers will often offer to cancel the old contract in an effort to sell you on a new bundled rate. Same goes with adding a new site. 

Pro tip: You may not know that if you move to a new location, you’ll still be obligated to finish out your contract—even if your current service isn’t offered in your new location. This is another case where having a partner like Hyper Networks comes in handy. We can take over ownership of the contract and renegotiate terms on your behalf. 

Beware promotional rates and hidden costs.

There are a lot of variables when you are adding or selecting a new internet services provider. These include equipment fees, data caps and speed, construction, installation costs, service type, and most importantly, reliability. 

Watch out for hidden costs and fees. Sometimes carriers will lure you in with a good price, but then additional fees pop up down the road. For example, when it comes time to deliver a service, the construction costs might outweigh any savings you thought you’d get by going with a particular provider. And, to add insult to injury, that can delay the delivery date by another month or more. When you consider a new internet service—even if it’s from the same carrier—check to see if the service is “on-net,” or available in your building without additional construction costs. 

Pro tip: If you’ve done your homework and find you need a specific service that comes with significant construction costs, it might be time to consider hiring a partner, like Hyper Networks, to negotiate construction costs. 

Consider hiring a managed services provider.

With all the options out there, it can be difficult to figure out which products and services are the best fit for your unique business needs. One of the best ways to leverage all available options for your benefit is to use a partner. But, not just any partner will do. If you work with someone who only represents a single product, their recommendations will naturally be biased. You may end up paying for something you don’t need with terms you don’t want.  

At Hyper Networks, we have relationships with multiple carriers. We’re experts on their products and services and we can negotiate the best terms. We can also make sure you have service when you need it. And since our compensation is spread out over the term of your contract, we’re not just there for the quick sale. We’re committed to getting you the right business internet solution and we’re invested in your long-term success.

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