Company strengthens its enduring commitment to all forms of security

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Sept 19, 2022 — Hyper Networks, LLC, the leading provider of complete network connectivity, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure management solutions in Nevada and other national markets today announced the completed acquisition of Gove Security Systems, LLC (Gove Security) the market leader in physical security, monitoring, and alarm systems for primarily commercial and also residential customers in the Phoenix Arizona market.

Gove Security will continue to operate as an independent business-unit with hands-on support and assistance in the Phoenix metropolitan area. With this announcement, one of the owners of Gove Security, Timothy Draayer, will join Hyper Networks as the Director of Security Systems.

Founded in 1988, Gove Security has an impressive record of rendering expert and cost-effective physical security solutions with 24/7 monitoring to protect businesses and homes. Gove Security has specialized in the design, installation, and maintenance of security systems and is known for its prompt personalized service to its customers.

“Our commitment for providing the full range of solutions to address our customers’ security needs has extended our network and cybersecurity expertise to also include physical security systems. As more customers have asked us to design, procure, and install these kinds of solutions, acquiring an excellent provider like Gove Security became an obvious choice,” said Ryan Draayer, Founder and CEO of Hyper Networks. “We’re thrilled about this acquisition and the opportunity to continue to expand the ways we protect our customers from the growing security threats they face.”

Gove Security’s plans for enhancing the features of their services while improving the speed, reliability, and security of solutions for customers will continue and accelerate as a result of this acquisition. At the same time, existing customers will experience perfect continuity in terms of the solutions and services they currently enjoy.

“At Hyper Networks, one of the most important aspects of how we do business is that we are customer-obsessed,” stated John Durant, Hyper Networks’ President. “We will be augmenting and strengthening how we keep our customers safe from all types of attacks and threats in both the digital and physical worlds. Gove Security’s expertise will inform our bold plans in this area, and at the same time, the many hundreds of existing Gove Security customers will have easy access to the full range of network, IT, and cybersecurity products and services of Hyper Networks.”

“I’m super excited about the acquisition of Gove Security by Hyper Networks. Gove Security has always strived to serve its customers quickly and in ways that build trust, and now as part of Hyper Networks, it will get even better,” said Tim Draayer.

“We joined efforts with a company that is like-minded in service and integrity. We’ve always said at Gove Security that we are a company with a conscience, and Hyper Networks shares our same values. Our customers will be well served in a growing and changing world. It’s just what they need,” said Kristy Gove, founder and co-owner of Gove Security Systems.

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Hyper Networks, LLC gives businesses the customized network connectivity, cybersecurity, IT, and physical security solutions they need while streamlining the process of designing, procuring, installing, maintaining, and monitoring these environments. Through its customer-centric approach and renowned 24/7 support, Hyper Networks allows each of its customers to focus on their own business and what makes them great. Unlike most MSPs and MSSPs, Hyper Networks has invested even more heavily in its engineering and technology expertise, and its customers benefit from this knowledge and capability. At the same time, Hyper Networks leads the way in the non-technical aspects of IT and security through its expertise in procurement and other administrative operations. This translates into solutions that are more affordable, transparent, and personalized for each customer. Headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, Hyper Networks is privately held and provides services nationally and internationally. To learn more, visit

Gove Security Systems

Gove Security Systems has been providing peace of mind by helping customers protect their physical locations for more than 30 years.  Gove Security’s expert monitoring, superior professionalism, and prompt service has helped them establish a strong presence and a stellar reputation in the security market. Headquartered in Chandler Arizona, Gove Security Systems is privately held and provides services in the Phoenix Arizona market. To learn more, visit

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