[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Las Vegas is home to the most sought-after trade show and expo venues in the world. What keeps companies like Dell Technologies and shows like CES coming back, year after year? Is it the nightlife? The sunshine? The M&M store? Maybe. We think it could have something to do with Hyper Networks’ Hyper Ring. 

What’s the Hyper Ring?

The Hyper Ring is a fully redundant, 100Gb-capable dark fiber infrastructure that provides internet connectivity across multiple properties located on and off the Las Vegas Strip, as well as to local businesses throughout the greater Las Vegas area. 

That means Hyper Networks customers—leading companies hosting booths, displays, exhibits, keynote presentations, and so on—enjoy dedicated connectivity. In other words, no more sharing bandwidth with your neighbors and no more lost signals during heavy bandwidth utilization periods or outages from a single carrier. 

The Hyper Ring is big . . .

The Hyper Ring covers most of the major Las Vegas Conventions locations, with more scheduled to come on board all the time. Currently we serve locations like Sands Expo, Mandalay Bay, T-Mobile Arena, Aria, Park MGM, New York New York, and MGM.

Trade Show Internet Las VegasHard Rock, Bellagio, Wynn, and the Las Vegas Convention Center are all slated to join the list by February 2020. 

. . . so it can handle big customers. 

Reliable connectivity is critical for large shows. They can’t have several hundred people experiencing glitches while debuting the latest tech and no one wants to be on stage spinning lame excuses when the video won’t load. 

That’s why the biggest shows choose a dedicated connection via the Hyper Ring. Interested in seeing who trusts the Hyper Ring with their events? We’re not opposed to name-dropping. Below are some of our clients, past and present:

The Hyper Ring boasts cutting-edge features.

You’d expect the best network infrastructure to have all the bells and whistles, and it does. If you know what “five nines uptime” means, you’ll be impressed with the details of the Hyper Ring’s capabilities below. And if you don’t, it’s enough to know you’ll get connected and stay that way throughout your event. 

Features of the Hyper Ring


The secret sauce is the architecture.

To be fair, there are other players on the Las Vegas scene. But none of them have the Hyper Ring architecture. Here’s how it works: different paths from each side create a redundant ring topology, in case of any location interruption. 

This interruption protection—better known as ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching)—is high in reliability and performance. Both sides have 100GB throughput to maximize usage between each site. This amount of bandwidth allows us to host a large number of customers and locations. 

Without this throughput we could inhibit customer experience with oversaturation on the paths to each site. Reliability is measured by uptime for sites in case of disruptions at a particular site. In case of interruption, ERPS automatically changes the route based on the flow of internet/network traffic.


How does the Hyper Ring compare to internet services purchased from the site? 

When you purchase internet from your host site, you won’t be the only one. That means you’ll share your internet connection with other exhibits and potential competitors. What’s more, if they purchase more than you and overuse the network, your connections will suffer as a result. You could experience issues with streaming, product demonstrations, and team environment. 

In addition, if you require Layer 2 connectivity to alternate locations not within that company, you’re out of luck. For example, connectivity from MGM to Sands would not be permitted due to limitations by both house providers. 

Since Hyper Networks has a relationship with the multiple locations connected to the Hyper Ring, we can provide connectivity between all locations on the dark fiber ring. [/vc_column_text][vc_cta h2=”” h4=”See how Hyper Networks can provide you with world-class connectivity” txt_align=”center” add_button=”bottom” btn_title=”Learn more about Managed Services” btn_align=”center” btn_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fhypernetworks.com%2Fmanaged-services%2F|||”][/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

You don’t have to host an expo to benefit from the Hyper Ring.

Outside of the expo services, Hyper Networks hosts business customers in the Las Vegas and Henderson area for both primary and secondary internet connectivity. Because we have multiple carriers on the Hyper Ring, we can provide redundancy in case of an ISP issue or outage. That, along with our cost-effective solutions and advanced support, keeps our customers up and running. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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