The need for cyber security solutions is growing rapidly as companies embrace new technology and cloud services that leave them vulnerable to hackers. Our team represents a group of individuals with experience in large and small business and in an array of security products of services. With dozens of security partners, Hyper Networks is in a good position to make impartial recommendations based on the unique security needs of your business. We can help you look at risk vs. investment to determine the combination of products and services that are not only going to keep your data safe, but will allow you measure and report their success while leveraging the resources you’ve already allocated to get the most out of those investments.

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IBM Guardium Analyzer

Efficiently find regulated data, understand data and database exposures, and act to address issues and minimize risk.

Many different business areas inside an organization are impacted by GDPR requirements―from Data Privacy Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Data Risk Officers to compliance managers, data managers, IT managers, and more―and all of these groups are trying to determine how they can efficiently manage GDPR requirements while helping the business succeed.

IBM® Security Guardium® Analyzer, a software-as-a-service offering, can help compliance managers, data managers, and IT managers get started on the GDPR journey by locating GDPR-relevant personal data in on-premises and cloud databases; classifying it; identifying vulnerabilities, and helping users understand where to get started to try and minimize risk.