Hyper Can Help with Incident Response
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You Need an Incident Response Plan. Hyper Can Help.

An incident response plan helps you mitigate risk and prepare for a wide range of events that can threaten your network. Here are answers to common questions about this key aspect of business network security.

work from home security
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Working From Home: How to Keep Your Employees Focused on Security

If your employees are working from home right now, this is the article to send them. With work habits turned upside down, now is the time to reiterate the importance of keeping company resources secure. Here’s how.

Cyber Security Consultant
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How to Hire the Right IT Security Consultant: 5 Things to Look For

Do you know your cyber security vulnerabilities and how to fix them? If not, it may be time to consider a security consultant. Here are five things to look for in an information security consultant for your business.

server room network assessment
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What Is a Network Security Assessment and Why Does My Business Need One?

A network security assessment is an analysis of your network security measures to identify potential vulnerabilities in the system. Here’s why you need one and what‘s involved.

zero trust protection
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Zero Trust Architecture: What It Is and How to Implement It 

Traditional network security models only treat threats coming from outside the network. But what about those threats that come from inside? Security Engineer Will Morris explains what a Zero Trust model for network security looks like and how to maintain it.

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What Are Data Privacy Laws and How Do They Impact My Company?

So how is your business impacted by new regulatory standards? And how can you better protect your customers’ data? Understanding the law and ensuring your data privacy practices are up-to-date will keep your business compliant and your customer data secure. 

Protect Your Daya
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8 Steps You Need to Take Now to Protect Your Data

There are several things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming the hapless victim of a cyber attack. Understand that we’re all in this together, take a good look at your vulnerabilities, and follow the steps below to secure your data. That way, we’ll all sleep a little better at night.

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What Is a SIEM and Why Does My Business Need One?

Cyber threats occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is not a matter of if you will be attacked, but when. That’s why your business needs an advanced SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution. Here’s what that looks like and how it works.

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Why Would I Use a Partner or Agent for Cyber Security Services?

The whole way we purchase all products and services has changed dramatically over the last few years. These days we can read white papers, online reviews, case studies, and peer reviews all before we ever talk to cyber security salespeople and hear their take on how they think we can benefit from their products or services. That’s a great thing for customers.

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5 Risky Cyber Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making—and How to Fix Them

Are you being safe when using company technology? Do you know how much damage you could be doing by not using proper safety techniques? From incorrectly setting up wireless routers, to opening shady emails, this article will teach you the most common mistakes people make that can greatly jeopardize your security.