Health Sentry

The Hyper Technologies Health Sentry is a non-invasive smart kiosk that scans body temperature, verifies face masks, dispenses hand-sanitizer, and provides access controls. With a quick entry-point scan from the smart kiosk, you can help ensure a safer, healthier space for everyone, now and in the future.


How does the Health Sentry work?

The Hyper Technologies Health Sentry is a standalone, self-contained, intelligently-networked solution that detects individuals who may elevate the health risk in a social space. Health Sentry provides real-time feedback and access control based on the data it gathers.

Where can the Health Sentry be used?

From schools to offices, apartment buildings to malls—organizations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the convenience of simple health screening technology. Best of all, it’s completely customizable: you set the access control conditions to fit the needs of your business. 

See how Hyper can set up a Health Sentry screening solution for you