[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The need for security surveillance is a no-brainer these days. What business doesn’t want to protect its property and employees? But true enterprise security is more than slapping a camera on the ceiling and calling it good. 

At Hyper Networks, we know the best security solutions are customized to your needs, simple to set up, and easy to use. As a managed security services provider, it’s our job to determine which products are most effective at doing the job you need. From software to hardware to network design, we know security and we choose Verkada. Here’s why.

Cloud-based management software is a game-changer. 

Gone are the days of grainy surveillance video that’s only accessible at each of your separate locations. Verkada’s state-of-the-art cameras operate within what they call their “hybrid cloud architecture.” That means they combine onboard storage with cloud-based access—all managed from one platform. 

Verkada Cloud Architecture

The cloud lets authorized users keep an eye on things whenever and wherever they are and get live, proactive alerts when something’s fishy. Plus, because footage is also stored on the cameras, they keep recording even when the internet goes down. 

All this is driven by Command, Verkada’s cloud-based management platform. From Command, you can:

Want to see what the live footage looks like? Here’s a view from one of Verkada’s own corporate locations: 

4th & Claremont Intersection CD51-E



High-level encryption keeps the data on your security camera safe. 

All the security camera footage in the world isn’t worth much if it isn’t secure itself. Verkada holds themselves to the highest standards here, employing high-level (TLS1.3) encryption end-to-end. That means your footage is protected in transit and at rest. No more streaming unencrypted video that’s your responsibility to protect. And no one can access information just by swiping one of your cameras, either. 

Verkada also has the kinds of built-in security features you’d expect, like two-factor authorization (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO). What’s more, user permissions can be controlled at camera, site, and organization levels, so you can keep everyone’s access up to date. Read more about Verkada’s commitment to cyber security here.  [/vc_column_text][vc_cta h2=”” txt_align=”center” add_button=”top” btn_title=”Why Would I Use a Partner for Cyber Security Services?” btn_align=”center” btn_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fhypernetworks.com%2F2019%2Fcyber-security%2Fwhy-would-i-use-a-partner-or-agent-for-cyber-security-services%2F|title:Why%20Would%20I%20Use%20a%20Partner%20or%20Agent%20for%20Cyber%20Security%20Services%3F|target:%20_blank|”][/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Smart analytics let you focus on what you really want to see.  

If combing through hours of security footage just to investigate a single employee or customer seems like a waste of time to you, you’re not alone. Verkada’s on-camera edge-based analytics are truly next-gen, allowing you to filter people and vehicles based on a variety of traits. That’s a big reason Verkada gets our vote as best security camera for your business. 

People Analytics lets you isolate people who appear in video frames based on date or time, gender traits, and upper and lower body clothing colors. Vehicle Analytics works the same way, allowing you to filter results by date, time, vehicle make, color, and body type.  

People Analytics

The applications for this kind of information go way beyond nabbing the guy who ate your sandwich from the breakroom. In fact, they can even go beyond security. For example, according to this article from Forbes.com, the town of Parkersburg, West Virginia, has hooked up cameras “at its city buildings and parks to handle everything from deterring vandals to monitoring a half-marathon race course to counting cars to see which streets are getting the most traffic.” 

From improving employee productivity and workplace safety to understanding foot traffic, how you use your unique Verkada analytics is up to you.

Quality specs mean equipment you can count on, indoors and out. 

Inside, outside, wherever you want them, Verkada has rugged, “vandal-resistant” security cameras for your business. Backed by a 10-year warranty, their full suite of Dome Series cameras runs the gamut for storage capacity and image resolution. For example, the CD31 indoor model offers 2MP image resolution and the CD61-E Outdoor 4K model offers ultra-HD 4K image resolution. There are cameras for everything in between, too. Plus, the camera models vary in onboard storage capacity up to a full year’s worth. 

And if you can’t find what you need among the Dome Series, the Fisheye Series gives you a panoramic 180 degree view and the Mini Series offers ultimate flexibility. Head to Verkada.com to compare the (impressive) specs on all their hardware. 

Adding and removing security cameras is easy as can be.

One of the most exciting features of a security solution that uses Verkada products has to do with scaling. Adding and removing cameras is simple—think 10 minutes or less—thanks to the hybrid cloud architecture already in place. You don’t need any added equipment to support additional cameras.  

Another huge plus: you won’t use a ton of room on your network running the cameras. Each camera is bandwidth-friendly, using only 5-20 Kbps so you can scale to however many cameras you need across all of your locations. In fact, many of Verkada’s customers have replaced a hodgepodge of old systems with one easy-to-use cloud-based solution.  

Want Verkada at your Nevada business? Call Hyper.

If you take your business security seriously (you’ve performed a network assessment recently, right?) and want to take advantage of Verkada’s smart security solutions, give Hyper Networks a call. We’re the only Verkada partner in Nevada. We’ll give you a 30-minute demo, and, if it’s right for you, we’ll incorporate Verkada security cameras and products to design an efficient, user-friendly, custom security solution for your business. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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