Hyper NetworksHyper Networks began by managing hundreds of broadband connections for customers across the nation, and we still do. We are true experts in designing broadband aggregation solutions that maximize connectivity, all in a single bill.

Expanding our expertise and services to include the full range of information technology that depends on this superior connectivity was a logical step.

Not every engineer who applies lands a spot at Hyper Networks. We keep the bar high for every role so that we can bring the best in connectivity, cybersecurity, and managed IT services to our customers.

Just as important as our in-house experts are the long list of partners who help us design, procure, install and manage simple-to-complex solutions. 


You deserve a network that never goes down. Get the most from your reliable and fast internet, voice, and cloud connectivity.


Know that your computers and network are constantly monitored by certified experts protecting you from cyber attacks.

Managed IT

Improve your productivity & save costs. Let us setup, configure, monitor, update, backup, recover, and audit.

Physical Security

Enjoy peace of mind with active monitoring to detect and respond to threats in real time for your locations.


You can involve Hyper Networks in any or all phases of IT management, including planning, procurement, all the way to monitoring for you. We have many relationships with suppliers and vendors, so if you have an IT need, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of select partners we work with for your success.